UA-134409257-1Elections – Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust

WESCT consists of six Trustees as follows:

Three (3) “A” Trustees

These three Trustees are elected by postal vote to beneficial customers. The position expires after three years which will be 30th September 2020. The “A” Trustees are Erin Gray of Te Kuiti, William Oliver of Te Kuiti, and Nigel Chetty of Otorohanga.

Two (2) “B” Trustees

These two Trustees are elected by major beneficial customers. The position expires after three years. Peter Keeling of Te Kuiti, currently holds one of these positions which expires on the 31st March 2022. An election process is currently underway for the second position and another Trustee in place by 12th March 2020.

One (1) “Appointed” Trustee

The elected “A” Trustees jointly appoint this person. The current “appointed” Trustee is Janette Osborne of Waitomo. This position expires on the 30th September 2020.

Election Dates

The next election date to fill the vacancy for one (1) "B" Trustee is 12th March 2020

The next election date for three (3) "A" Trustees is 30th September 2020

The next election date for two (2) "B" Trustees is 31st March 2022

Trustee Eligibility

As the law stands now, to become a trustee, you must have the legal capacity to hold property. However, proposed legislation will restrict the ability to become a trustee so that the following people will not be able to become trustees:

* Anyone under 18 years old;

* Any undischarged bankrupt;

* Any person who is subject to a property order made under section 31 of the Protection and Property Rights Act 1988 or a person for whom a trustee corporation is acting as manager under section 32 or 33 of that Act;

* Any corporation which is in receivership or liquidation.

Anyone to whom none of the above applies is legally eligible to become a trustee of WESCT.

Under the WESCT Trust Deed, a Trustee shall cease to hold office if such Trustee:

a. has served their term;

b. has given notice of resignation in writing to the Trust secretary, or Chair if no secretary;

c. refuses to act;

d. becomes of unsound mind or becomes a protected person under any statute for the time being in force;

e. becomes bankrupt or enters into a composition or assignment for the benefit of his or her creditors;

f. is absent without leave from three consecutive ordinary meetings of the Trustees;

g. is convicted of any indictable offence;

h. a person who is a Director of The Lines Company; or

i. a person who is an employee of The Lines Company.


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