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Proud Shareholder of The Lines Company Ltd

What is the WESCT?

The Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust (WESCT) owns the electricity distribution company The Lines Company, on behalf of customer beneficiaries.

What does WESCT do?

  • Acts as a diligent shareholder and in particular monitors the performance of the directors of the Company and exercises the rights of shareholders for the benefit of the Trust Fund or Beneficiaries. 
  • Encourages and facilitates TLC in meeting its objective of being a successful business.
  • Promotes and encourages an efficient and reliable electricity distribution system to be available throughout the District.

Quick Info

Why is there a trust?

The Waitomo Electric Power Board was a body corporate duly constituted under the Electric Power Boards Act 1925. Government reforms of the electricity industry resulted in the Board incorporating Waitomo Energy Services Limited (the Company).

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Am I a beneficiary?

To be a beneficiary, you must be:

  • Connected to the Lines Company Network; and,
  • Paying for services delivered by The Lines Company; and,
  • Whose electrical installation falls within the¬†WESCT district¬†(the authorised area over which the previous Waitomo Electric Power Board supplied electricity as at 31st March 1993).


WESCT Beneficiaries





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