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Role of Trustees

The primary duties of the Trust are to:

  • Act as a diligent shareholder and in particular monitor the performance of the directors of the Company and exercise the rights of shareholders for the benefit of the Trust Fund or Beneficiaries.
  • Encourage and facilitate TLC in meeting its objective of being a successful business.
  • Promote and encourage an efficient and reliable electricity distribution system available throughout the District.

The Trustees discharge their duties through a range of annual and periodic tasks which include:

  • Liaising with, reviewing and commenting on the Company’s annual Statement of Corporate Intent (SCI)
  • Reviewing the Company’s performance
  • Reviewing the Directors performance
  • Reviewing the Directors Fees
  • Planning for succession of Directors and Trustees
  • Holding an Annual Meeting of Beneficiaries
  • Keeping up to date with electricity industry issues – which may include attending Energy Trust New Zealand conferences once or twice a year