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WESCT deliver $6.4M to Beneficiaries

Media release – immediate circulation

5 December 2019

Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust deliver $6.4 million to beneficiaries

Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust (WESCT) is pleased to confirm that this year $6,400,000 including GST is currently being distributed back to WESCT beneficiaries as an annual discount on charges from The Lines Company (TLC).

For WESCT beneficiaries, the discount will appear as a credit on their December invoice from The Lines Company (TLC). If a customer is a WESCT beneficiary there will be a line on the December bill that says TLC discount – that is from WESCT. For many beneficiaries the amount of discount will equate to approximately two months worth of lines charges.

The annual discount to beneficiaries is made possible through the ownership of TLC by WESCT. The WESCT trustees and directors of TLC, through their respective roles, ensure the continued careful management of the community owned assets for the sustainable benefit of WESCT beneficiaries and all customers.

“It has been a year of considerable change and with some challenges for the Trust and for TLC, despite this, WESCT is pleased to deliver a considerable discount to beneficiaries,” comments WESCT Chairperson, Erin Gray. “Delivering a discount to our beneficiaries is made possible through the dedication and hard work of all the staff and management at TLC and WESCT would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that.”

Gray continues “on behalf of all the trustees, we hope that this discount will add some welcome relief at what can be a busy and demanding time of the year for many people. And we wish WESCT beneficiaries and all TLC customers and staff a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.”

Erin Gray