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Trustee Changes for WESCT

Media release – immediate circulation

14 February 2020

Trustee Changes for Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust

The new year heralded changes for the trustees of the Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust (WESCT).

In late 2019 Kyle Barnes resigned from his position as a “B” Trustee and Erin Gray announced that she will be taking parental leave from the role of Chairperson. Peter Keeling, who was the Deputy Chairperson, has taken over as Chairperson until the “A” Trustee elections have been completed in September 2020.

Kyle was elected as a “B” Trustee by major beneficial customers within the WESCT area and was part of the trustee team for 16 months.

Commenting on his time as a trustee Kyle said that he is proud of the proactive approach the Trust has taken towards influencing the TLC Board to focus on seeking solutions to help TLC reduce the energy poverty and associated issues experienced across the area.

Outgoing Chair Erin Gray said that, Kyle made a significant contribution to the Trust in such a short time. Kyle grew a keen interest in the electricity sector and committed a large amount of time to understanding how the energy sector functioned and is regulated.

In addition, Gray says, despite having to farewell a dedicated Trustee, it does open up an opportunity for another committed and driven person within the WESCT area to take on the challenge of a governance role in a sector that is currently going through significant change globally. The “B” Trustee nomination process is currently underway and if more than one nomination is received by the 20th February there will be an election conducted by the major beneficial customers in March 2020.

After more than two years of energetic leadership of WESCT, Erin Gray has stepped aside as Chairperson to focus on her growing family and work commitments outside of the Trust. Gray will stay on in a trustee capacity, and she says she is still very much committed to serving the community and those who supported her into the position.

Gray says that Peter brings a wealth of governance and leadership experience, and there should be no great change in the direction of WESCT given all our strategic goals have been set. Peter will play an important role in 2020 in leading WESCT and our community through the six-year ownership review. I have full confidence in his ability and look forward to working with him and supporting him along with the remaining trustees.

Erin Gray